HT Panel

HT Panel

Empower your electrical infrastructure with Sylvan Tech Ltd.'s High Voltage (HT) Panels. Engineered for voltages above 33kV, our panels are designed with precision and care to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The power system, dealing with voltages above 33kV, is termed high voltage switchgear. As high voltages entail heightened arcing during switching, meticulous design is crucial. The high voltage circuit breaker (CB), a key HV switchgear component, necessitates special features for safe, reliable operation.

Our offerings include:

·         99.99 % pure Copper Busbar.

·         Indoor/Outdoor Type

·         Powder coated & dust free panel frame (14/16 SWG).

·         High-Quality Panel Accessories

·         Differential Protection System

·         Line differential protection.

·         Overvoltage and under-voltage protection.

·         Over-current and earth fault protection.

·         Low and high impedance type busbar protection.

·         IEC and ANSI standards.

·         Production up to 33kV.

·         IP:45,55,65